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Vietnam has many characterful tourist spots. The country has splendid mountains, fascinating Unesco Heritage sites, colorful historic monuments and amazing tropical beaches. From north to south, these iconic Vietnam Travel Destinations are what you should put in your travel bucklet list: 



hanoi vietnam

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The capital of Hanoi is a city of contrast. It is the place where fast developing skypescapers coexist with the old traditions, the French architectural influences appears along the exotic markets and busy streets. This charming destination has all the things to attract your travel senses : amazing street foods, timeless pagodas and temples, exquisite museums, exciting nightlife.
Hanoi is a good base to start your Vietnam Trip with wide range of day tours to other northern sites. 

Halong Bay

halong bay view

It is unusual to leave Vietnam without a visit to the Halong Bay. When you try to ask local operators of the country’s top must-sees, this UNESCO site wouldn’t miss. It is truly rewarding with its picturesque setting that consists of limestone cliffs, turquoise waters, hidden coves, islets and lush vegetation. There are other ways to take in the Bay’s charm, but for a deeper insight, a boat cruise is recommended.

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Mu Cang Chai, Yen Bai

mu cang chai view

Photographer: Trish Edwards

This hotspot is superb photogenic, especially during the rice season from April to October. It boasts eye-catching rice terraces, unique ethnic cultures and stunning nature. The area is still off the tourism radar yet it is not lack of tourism facilties. 
There are things to both luxury travel and adventures. Mu Cang Chai is a perfect Vietnam Destination for both mountain trek and hill tribe exploration. 

Sapa Hill Station

sapa trek way

Photo: Paolo Guidetti

Whether your interest is culture, leisurely hikes, or stunning views of rice paddies, Sapa Valley has something to offer. Located in Lao Cai province, this natural wonder is one of the most favorite places for visitors to Vietnam. It is home to five ethnic tribes, terraced hills and stretching rice terraces.
For a great experience, make sure to take a guided hike and homestay in one of the local families.

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Ba Be National Park

national park at Ba Be

Photo: Andrea Pepoli

Listed in the best Vietnam National Parks, Ba Be national park is home to the biggest inland lake of Vietnam. Over 65 mammals, 223 birds, 106 fish and 300 buffer fly species enjoy the Park’s lush habitats. If caving isn’t your thing, don’t miss a jungle trek to see some rare species such as Chinese pangolins, langurs, bears, macaques and flying squirrels.

Ban Gioc Waterfall

ban gioc waterfall vietnam

Ban Gioc Waterfall is amongst Vietnam’s most pleasant natural sights. It is located in Cao Bang province. Besieged by luxuriant vegetation and towering limestone karsts, this natural wonder with three cascades is 200m wide and 70m high. The environment around Ban Gioc is calm and full of fresh air.

Ha Giang

ha giang mountain

When it comes to the idea of seeing the authentic city of Vietnam, Ha Giang is probably the best place. Things you can soak up in the area include cascading waterfalls, hidden valleys with rice paddies, awe-inspiring forests and attractive hill tribe markets. 
Adventure minded travelers often choose Ha Giang to do motorcycle on its winding roads or trek to the far most villages.

Best adventures in Ha Giang are available at our dedicated Ha Giang Tour Packages 

Phu Quoc Island

phu quoc landscape

Photo: Paul Szewszyk

Phu Quoc is an essential stop for Island hopping in Vietnam. It’s known for luxurious resorts and untouched white sand beaches, but Phu Quoc National Park is another secret to unearth. This protected area tempts visitors with dense tropical jungles, dramatic mountain ranges, rich wildlife and hiking trails.
Don’t miss to check out Duong Dong, the Island’s largest town with a local market that offers crafts and tasty seafood.

My Son Sanctuary Heritage

my son sanctuary heritage

My Son is a dream spot for history addicts. It was constructed between the 4th and 14th century by the kings of Champa Kingdom. Often referred to as the Angkor of Vietnam, this UNESCO site will satisfy you with ancient architectural designs (exhibited by ruined Hindu temples) and diverse history.

Hang Son Doong

son doong cave

A trip to Vietnam can’t be it without Hang Son Doong, the World’s largest natural cave. It is about three million years old and defines its self with a diverse ecosystem together with gigantic formations. Whether you are after long treks, swimming underground in river caves, explore dry caves or camping, this spectacular spot has it all for you.

Imperial City of Hue

Hue city Vietnam

Hue always appears on our list of Vietnam Travel Destinations as it reflects Vietnam’s tragic history, the glory of the last Vietnamese Royal life. All Hue`s monuments sit along the banks of the notable perfume river.
It was once the capital of imperial Vietnam under the Nguyen Dynasty. Make sure to take a walk around the monuments for best views of the exquisite grandeur showcased by temples, pagodas and royal tombs.

Hoi An

Hoi An lanterns

Known for its well preserved Antique Town, Hoi An is a city on Vietnam’s central coast. It has a lot of things to occupy your days whether you are seeking striking cityscapes, historical sites, local life encounters or the piquant Viet cuisine. You can start with the old town for its ancient vibe, pretty temples and later ease off at one of its spotless beaches.

Con Dao Islands

con dao paddling

For a taste of Vietnam’s flawless Islands, head to Con Dao Islands. This archipelago is made of sixteen Islands. It appeals to most divers and beachgoers because of its sandy beaches, rich marine life and colorful coral reefs. Some of the activities to keep you busy are snorkeling, sand bathing, swimming and scuba diving.

Mui Ne Beach & Sandune

mui ne beach

Photo: Guille Alveraz

When you talk about the top places for desert holidays, most travelers think of the Namib or Sahara desert, but the Red and White dunes in Mui Ne are other best alternatives for kite and windsurfers in Vietnam. The area is not only fantastic for a leisurely stroll but also ideal to take beautiful photos with a backdrop of the dunes. Sand boarding or quad biking adds to the thrill.

Da Lat

dalatan dalat waterfall

Da Lat is a suitable base for anyone who would wish to explore Vietnam’s Central highlands. Popularly known as the capital of Lam Dong Province, this city is encircled by abundant draws. The list of must-sees around Da Lat is endless, but you shouldn’t omit the cascading Elephant and Pongour falls, flower gardens and the Valley of Love.

Golden Bridge, Da Nang

golden bridge da nang vietnam

Vietnam has no shortage of draws. If you are in for its unrivalled spots, the Golden Bridge must be on your bucket list. It’s nestled in Ba Na hills near Da Nang. Opened in 2018, this structure with its unique designs (hands holding up the bridge) was meant to connect the Cable car station with the gardens. Adding to the scenic views of surrounding landscapes, the bridge is ideal for pretty photo-shoots.

Mekong Delta

mekong delta boat

Photo: Daniel

The wealthy Mekong Delta consists of 9 provinces lying along the legendary river of Mekong. It is the main rice producing area of the country. Along with lush local plantation, Mekong Delta attracts anyone`s attention with its floating markets, stilt villages and unique water cultures.

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