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CEO Tanbang is the founder of Mystica Vietnam Tours. CEO Tanbang (real name: Nguyễn Tân Bằng) is a businessman, an expert with many years of experience, achieving numerous certifications and real-world accomplishments in the tourism industry in Vietnam

Before establishing Mystica Vietnam Tours, CEO Tanbang had a rich working history:

  • CEO & Founder of Authentic Asia Tours in Myanmar
  • CEO & Founder of Authentic Asia Tours in Vietnam
  • Director of Pole-Star travel JSC
CEO Tanbang

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How Mystica Vietnam Tours was founded

In the heart of Vietnam, amidst the vibrant tapestry of cultural heritage and breathtaking landscapes, a vision was born. CEO Tanbang, a figure already seasoned by adventures and entrepreneurial ventures across Asia, stood at the cusp of initiating something truly remarkable. Mystica Vietnam Tours was not just going to be another travel agency; it was a dream about to unfold into reality, a dream of showcasing Vietnam's soul to the world through the eyes of someone who has lived and breathed its essence.

The journey to 'Mystica Vietnam Tours's inception was fueled by CEO Tanbang's rich tapestry of experiences. From pioneering Authentic Asia Tours in Myanmar and Vietnam to steering the helm at Pole-Star Travel JSC, each role was a stepping stone, a chapter that prepared him for his most ambitious endeavor yet. But Mystica Vietnam Tourswas different. It was personal. It was a reflection of Tanbang's love for his homeland and his desire to create a bridge between Vietnam and the curious, adventurous traveler.

The foundation of Mystica Vietnam Tours was laid on a day that seemed like any other, but for CEO Tanbang, it was the culmination of years of dreams and hard work. The idea struck him during a solo journey through the mist-shrouded mountains of Ha Giang. As he navigated the winding roads, each turn revealed a landscape more stunning than the last, each interaction with the locals more heartwarming. It was then that Tanbang realized he wanted to share this profound, immersive experience with the world. He envisioned a travel company that went beyond mere tourism to offer journeys that touch the soul, that allow travelers to deeply connect with Vietnam's culture, history, and people.

Drawing upon his vast experience and the network he had built over the years, CEO Tanbang began laying the groundwork for what would become Mystica Vietnam Tours. It was a monumental task, blending the logistical challenges of starting a business with the creative endeavor of curating unique, authentic experiences. Yet, driven by passion and a deep sense of purpose, Tanbang pushed forward. He sought out the best local guides, those who shared his vision of storytelling and immersive travel. He crafted itineraries that offered more than just sightseeing; they were journeys of discovery, designed to create meaningful connections and lasting memories.

The road to launching Mystica Vietnam Tours was not without its hurdles. There were moments of doubt, challenges that seemed insurmountable. But CEO Tanbang's unwavering commitment to his vision and his belief in the transformative power of travel kept him going. He knew he was not just building a company; he was creating a gateway for people to experience the true spirit of Vietnam.

Today, Mystica Vietnam Tours stands as a testament to CEO Tanbang's vision and dedication. Each tour, each itinerary, is imbued with the essence of his initial dream – to share the beauty and depth of Vietnam with the world. It's a dream realized, a passion project that has grown into a beloved enterprise, connecting hearts and minds across continents.

Through Mystica Vietnam Tours, CEO Tanbang has not only created a successful business; he has woven a narrative of discovery, adventure, and cultural exchange that continues to inspire travelers from around the globe. It's a story of how passion, vision, and perseverance can transform a dream into a living, breathing journey that transcends boundaries and enriches lives.

Personal information of CEO Tanbang

Real name: Nguyễn Tân Bằng

Education: 1) Bachelor degree in Vietnam National University. 2) Master in Hotel Management

Height: 175cm

Gender: male

Birth year: 1984

Occupation: Businessman


Working history: A Journey of Leadership and Innovation

Before Mystica Vietnam Tours became a beacon of unique travel experiences in Vietnam, CEO Tanbang embarked on a professional journey characterized by leadership, innovation, and a deep-rooted passion for the tourism industry. His working history is a testament to his dedication and foresight, each role laying the groundwork for his ultimate venture.

CEO & Founder of Authentic Asia Tours in Myanmar and Vietnam 

The story of CEO Tanbang's entrepreneurial spirit begins with the founding of Authentic Asia Tours, first in Myanmar and subsequently in Vietnam. These ventures marked Tanbang's entry into the travel industry, driven by a vision to offer travelers authentic experiences in some of Asia's most enchanting destinations. Under his leadership, Authentic Asia Tours set itself apart by curating trips that went beyond conventional tourism, focusing on deep cultural immersion and supporting local communities. His success in these roles was not just measured by the company's growth but by the positive impact on local tourism and the deep connections forged with clients and communities alike.

Director of Pole-Star Travel JSC 

Transitioning from an entrepreneurial role to a corporate leadership position, CEO Tanbang served as the Director of Pole-Star Travel JSC. This experience honed his skills in strategic planning, operations management, and team leadership. At Pole-Star, Tanbang was instrumental in expanding the company's service offerings and enhancing its operational efficiency. His tenure here underscored his ability to innovate within the travel sector, implementing new technologies and marketing strategies to elevate the company's market position.

The Genesis of Mystica Vietnam Tours 

Each chapter in CEO Tanbang's working history contributed to the fabric of skills, insights, and experiences necessary to conceive and launch Mystica Vietnam Tours. From his entrepreneurial ventures with Authentic Asia Tours, he learned the importance of authenticity and local engagement in travel. His corporate tenure at Pole-Star Travel JSC imbued him with a strategic perspective and the acumen for scaling operations without losing sight of the customer experience.


Skills and Innovations: The Hallmarks of CEO Tanbang's Leadership

CEO Tanbang's professional journey is a testament to his exceptional skill set and innovative approach to the tourism industry. While his proficiency in six languages and his academic achievements, including a Master in Hotel Management and numerous certifications in computer skills, accounting, and business management, lay a solid foundation for his expertise, it's his standout skills in leadership and innovation that truly set him apart.

Leadership That Inspires 

CEO Tanbang possesses a transformative leadership style that motivates his team to excel beyond their limits. His ability to envision the future of tourism in Vietnam and communicate this vision with clarity and passion has been pivotal in Mystica Vietnam Tours' success. Tanbang's leadership is characterized by a deep commitment to ethical business practices, fostering a culture of respect, innovation, and excellence within his organization. He empowers his team by delegating authority and encouraging creativity, which has led to high employee morale and a collaborative work environment.

Innovation in Tourism 

CEO Tanbang's innovative mindset has significantly contributed to redefining travel experiences in Vietnam. He has been instrumental in integrating technology with traditional travel services, creating a seamless and personalized customer experience. Under his guidance, Mystica Vietnam Tours has developed unique travel itineraries that combine cultural immersion with adventure, sustainability, and local community engagement. His approach to innovation is not just about adopting new technologies but also about thinking creatively to solve problems and enhance the value offered to travelers.

Notable Innovations Include:

  • Customizable Tours: Pioneering the concept of fully customizable tours, allowing travelers to tailor their experiences to their preferences, which was a novelty in the Vietnamese tourism sector.
  • Sustainable Practices: Implementing sustainable tourism practices that prioritize environmental conservation and the well-being of local communities.
  • Digital Integration: Utilizing digital platforms for enhanced customer engagement, from immersive virtual tours to interactive travel planning tools, setting a new standard for the industry.

A Visionary in Sustainable Tourism 

Beyond his technical skills and business acumen, CEO Tanbang is deeply committed to sustainable tourism. His initiatives have not only contributed to the preservation of Vietnam's natural and cultural heritage but also ensured that tourism has a positive impact on local communities. By integrating sustainability into the core of Mystica Vietnam Tours, Tanbang has set a precedent for responsible tourism practices in the industry.

Empowering the Next Generation 

CEO Tanbang is also passionate about mentoring young professionals in the tourism industry, sharing his knowledge and experience to inspire the next generation of leaders. His commitment to education and professional development has made him a respected figure among his peers and the youth aspiring to careers in tourism.

In summary, CEO Tanbang's skills and innovations have been central to Mystica Vietnam Tours' ethos and success. His leadership and visionary approach to creating meaningful travel experiences have not only elevated the company's standing in the tourism industry but also contributed significantly to promoting Vietnam as a premier travel destination on the global stage.

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