Top 10 amazing Vietnam islands

Con Dao Islands

The islands rea striking with pristine beaches, tropical jungles and incredible wildlife. It is also known as an archipelago with 16 islets scattering along the azure waters of Pacific Ocean.  Some of the most unique experiences you should not miss in the area are : watching turtle breeding in Hon Bay Canh island, trekking in Con Dao national park, visit the historic Con Dao prison. Con Dao may not be the place for backpacking but it is truly rewarding. 

Quan Lan Island

quan lan island

If you fancy kicking back in a place just free of the crowd, then it should be Quan Lan Island for your holiday in Vietnam. This area is part of the Bai Tu Long Bay occupying a total area of eleven square kilometers. Aside from the lively hub of Quan Lan town (with streets lined with restaurants, bars and hotels), you can feel the calm ambience at Long Minh Chau beach in the northern part of the Island.

Co To Island

co to island in Vietnam

A perfect island to escape from the touristic sites in north Vietnam. Co To is more well known amongst the local tourist for its stunning beaches that are flanked by turquoise waters and seaside greenery. It will be a very nice surprise to discover that Co To treasures sugar-like beaches and boasts true local atmosphere which means you may be treated more special !

Tuan Chau Island

Tuan Chau island view

This island has a handful of luxury resorts, lodge overlooking the famous Halong Bay. It could be an ideal spot to enjoy some cultural shows or simply behold the magnificence of Halong.  Many people choose Tuan Chau as the base to kick off the Halong Bay Cruises either on a day trip or overnight trip while other opts the seaside resort to relax or participate in the exciting water sports like skite surfing or water motor. 

Nam Du Islands

Nam Du island

Nam Du Islands, a chain of 21Islands lies off  the Southern coast of Kien Giang province. With its location amid the blue sky and mountain vistas, fishing villages, lush foliage and sunny beaches, this archipelago is a unique destination that’s rarely found.  Nam Du lies at the southern most part of Vietnam and not many Vietnam Travel itineraries mention about this postcard-perfect destination which means your beach escape will be very unique. 

Binh Ba Island

Binh Ba island

Also known as Lobster Island, Binh Ba Island is another secret if its beach encounters in Vietnam. It hides 20km from the mainland, and you can get there by boat. Most travelers spend time exploring its two sun-drenched beaches. What's More, the Island is notable for numerous adrenaline activities such as scuba diving and snorkeling.

Cham Islands

Cham island in Vietnam

Being just 15 km away from Hoi An city makes this archipelago of Islands a perfect fit for a day visit. It’s a true delight for all travelers. Marine life enthusiasts can immerse it by scuba diving. Untainted shorelines edged by greenish-blue water attract travelers for swimming experiences. While others just opt to relax in hammocks swinging beneath palm lined trees. Recommended Tour which encompass Hoi An : Vietnam Discovery Tour - 14 days

Cat Ba Island

Cat Ba island view

Cat Ba Island is not only the most fascinating but also the largest island in the Cat Ba group of 367 Islands. It lies in the northern part of Vietnam maintaining the rugged features of the Halong Bay. Travelers appreciate its natural setting that’s girdled by pleasing shorelines, picturesque cliff faces and tropical jungles. Moreover, the island is home to some off the beaten track spots like waterfalls and grottoes. You can perfectly explore these hidden spots while on Jungle escapades. Recommended Tour: North Vietnam 7 days 

Phu Quoc Island

Phu quoc sandy beach

Phu Quoc island sprawls just off the coast of Cambodia. It’s one of the most amazing in Vietnam; this is backed by its serene atmosphere, untarnished shorelines lined with palm trees, turquoise waters and more. With all this natural beauty, you can’t stop taking a lot of photos. Over and beyond, Phu Quoc National Park occupies part of the Island area. The park boasts a mountainous and dense Jungle habitat, home to a diverse range of Wildlife. Hiking trails through the jungles exposes different Wildlife species as they stroll into view. Phu Quoc is also home to some stunning Vietnam Beaches that you should not miss. 

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